April 20, 2006

This Blog Has Moved

Dear Readers,

Opted to --- along with many others recently --- move my weblog off blogger and onto my own server. I’m tired of the near weekly downtimes, lack of features and flexibility and another of other aspects of blogger.

I am in the process of completing the change over to wordpress on my domain http://pageofhistory.com I always liked the domain and I wasn’t really doing anything with it --- so now I plan to.

Web: http://pageofhistory.com/blog/
RSS: http://pageofhistory.com/blog/feed/
RSS Comments: http://pageofhistory.com/blog/comments/feed/

I have already moved over all my past posting but haven’t quite finished the new ‘look’ --- I will be editing that over time. I’m also going to take this opportunity to add a number of non-blog related features and resources which I will make available in the coming months.

For example: Koiné character generator.

I will leave the posts on this blog for the time being --- but I will not be updating it at this address! Please change your links and RSS accordingly so you will get any new posts, sorry for the trouble but I promise it will be worth the change!



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