August 20, 2004

Briefing on the Virginia Trip

So the trip, well it was quick but fun … we left Thursday evening which means we got in really early in the morning east coast time. We thought we might be able to take a nap when we got there, but Vicki was up! That meant we played with her for a little while, and then finally got to take a little nap. We had dinner at my Grandma Helen’s house that night, and we both got some mosquito bites! I forgot how annoying summer evenings were in Virginia … Jess got them all over her legs.

Next day we went to DC, checked out the museums, and it was a little rainy, but at least it wasn’t humid and horribly hot. We took the METRO so we got the whole experience, and after that we had dinner at my other Grandma Evan’s house. Cabbage rolls … and per request.

The whole time Olympic swimming was on in the background, but that was fine since Jessica used to swim some too … so I guess she didn’t think my family’s obsession with it was that odd. I think Jess liked my family, which is kinda crazy --- my family is kinda crazy that is, and it was really nice to spend sometime with them, and have everyone meet each other. I’ve met so much of Jessica’s family I felt like she was missing out, on the crazy-loving-ness that is my family.

Anyhow so we took another trip to DC with my family this time, and saw some monuments, etc. We saw the monument to Albert Einstein and my little sister said “Oh was he a real person? I thought he was just in cartoons…” classic. The next day we took a trip to Leesburg, and checked out some antique shops, and walked about the old town section, and then we were off to the airport.

Of course we missed our flight (pretty much my fault) even though we got there 45 mins early. We waited in line to get checked in and the guy checking people in left for like 10 mins! We have no idea what he was doing, anyhow so we end up missing the “30 min” marker and they gave away our tickets to people on stand-by. That meant we got put on stand-by for the 6:15 flight the next morning, and that we had to wake up at 4:30 … boo! The worst part was we had to get to the airport really early and we didn’t even know if we’d get seats. Well luckily for me Jessica was very understanding (thank you) and we did end up getting on the morning flight even though we didn’t get to sit together, and aside from that the trip went well – we got in about 9 am West Coast time, and I went straight to work!


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