August 02, 2004

Current Cultural Rift on the Issue ...

Oh and I suppose I'll mention the sermon at church this sunday too ... it was intersting. I think sometimes, rather I know -- that Saddleback gets some flak for being perhaps too 'seaker-drive' i.e. some people assert that Saddleback maybe so concerned about 'scaring' people off or making them feel uncomfortable, that instead of just engaging the culture, they (or any church for that matter) become part of the culture. As well, some fear sch churches are a little too much about 'what Jesus can do for you' and not 'You need Jesus.'

I think on the whole this is a false assertion, brought about mostly by critics who have never actually been to Saddleback. I think this is a very important danger, however to be aware of, and I don't think Saddleback is 'perfect' on this matter either. It's a matter that any 'Mega' Church has to be really weary of, and it's far more likely to happen to a larger church.

Anyhow, the topic of the sermon was 'Marriage' and how important an issue it is through out the Bible, and throughout History. Clearly the timing of the sermon was in effect to address the current cultural rift on the issue, although it was not an overtly political statement. When I first saw the topic of the sermon on the outline, I felt this uneasiness. ... I've heard too many really bad, in fact horrible arguments against 'same-sex' marriage, that don't even speak to the clear, logical, biological reasons one could point out. I guess I was afraid I might hear some bad arguments, and those arguments would turn people off to the whole issue, which I think would be worse then anything else. Also I'm concerned at the Church's attitude toward divorce; the rate of divorce should not be the same in the Church, as out of it, we're just being hypocrites if we accept that.

Well I was relieved, the sermon didn't give bad reasons, but rather good ones, it wasn't judgmental, and focused a lot more on how we as Christians should act about marriage. How we should live first-rate marriages ourselves, which will allow us to better speak to the culture. I really should not have been worried. It’s a hard issue though, and it’s not going to stop being an issue anytime soon, I hope people will be thoughtful about it.


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