August 22, 2004

That crazy little old lady from Pasadena

Well I woke up early today and drove up to Pasadena to see Jessica, who is now at school. It's about an hour away so it's not that bad ... and I'm glad she's not further away! The drive up went pretty well, I only got slightly lost at one point which has to be a record for me ... and I got up there at 9 or 10ish. We had decided we'd go to a church nearby which happens to be Hugh Ross' ... and he teaches a Sunday school every week, mostly about science related issues. It was pretty interesting to hear him speak and hear some of the questions. I got one of my books (that he wrote) signed, so that was pretty cool. This week he happened to be speaking about solar system creation. Funny that I was the one that wanted to go, and I think Jessica got more of it then I did, since she's recently taken an astronomy class ... I think about 50% of it went over both our heads ... but the stuff we got was pretty cool anyhow. We got some lunch, she showed me around her school a little more, we played some Janga (which I won 2-0 -- ha.) We did a few more things around campus, but she had a hike she was required to go on, so I ended up leaving a lot earlier then we thought I was going to, none the less it was a good trip.


At August 26, 2004 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever.... too bad you spelled JENGA wrong... hehe. Ummmmm..... the table was wobbly and that's why it fell. Hehe... Regarding the hike, if you look into the background of the picture of me in front of the William Carey sign, you'll see a group of mountains that look quite tumultuos (my new word). That's what we hiked in. I was a total of about 3 miles up and back down again, but the grade was relatively steep going up, so it seemed farther. Hehe... I passed this sign that had a number 1 on it going up to trail and I turned to one of the girls and said, "Wouldn't that be funny if that meant one mile??" The funny thing is that it actually was one mile... oh well... we survived.



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