August 02, 2004

The Weekend, Guests, E.T.

Wow a bit crazy this weekend, first off my cousin and his friend are here visiting me, staying in my guestroom ... they came to surf and see the US Open (of Surfing) in Huntington Beach. On top of that ... Katherine and Melissa Stocking are also in town! It's like everyone from VA has come to visit at once! I wasn't planning on so much company, but it's alright it was an interesting weekend due to the visitors.

The Stockings came to Saddleback with Jessica and me on Sunday to check it out, and afterward we went to Jessica's house where her mom cooked for all of us! She made these homemade chicken-nugget type things which were quite good, they were made with some kind of Japanese flake things that are like bread crumbs and then flash fried tempura style. After that we all watched E.T. (and on VHS too.)

The Stocking girls leave today, and I'll probably be hanging out with my cousin a few nights this week, and I really need to do laundry. I'll be leaving for a short trip home to VA from Aug 12-16 that'll be nice to see family but I wish I could be going for a longer period of time, oh well.


At August 06, 2004 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Justin. How exciting that you saw the Stockings! Man, Katherine was always the coolest. Glad you enjoyed your nuggets -- the spice of life.


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