September 07, 2004

Happy Birthday Weekend

Well my birthday was today (the 7th) but actually I haven't done much for it, did have cake and what not at the office … but aside from that I mostly just had a birthday weekend. I took off Friday from work and went up to Jessica’s school with our friends Micah and Mario, we all went to Jessica’s class discussion and it was pretty interesting. The talk that day was on differences between macro and micro evolution as well as theories on natural selection and mutations. As this is an area of interest for me, I participated a bit in the discussions and even got something clarified that I never quite understood.

After that we left to head back to Orange County, had dinner with Micah and Mario, and then went back to my place to watch a movie. Saturday and Sunday were crazy hot, like in the 100s so we didn’t do all that much, but Saturday we went to a dinner party at Jessica’s Dad’s house in Capo Beach. He has a really nice deck on the top of his house with a great view of the beach and harbor, after that watched a little of the Gospel of John.

Sunday we went to Church and all that good stuff, and went to Marconi Grill, that no longer has my favorite thing to eat there which sucks, but the bread is still good.

Monday, Labor day we went to Lake Mission Viejo, and while it was a bit hot it was really clear and pretty and so we swam and lunged on the beach for a while. Jessica’s parents (Her mom and Step-dad, her Dad and his girlfriend) took me out to dinner at P.F. Changs and luckily the food was good cuz our server sucked! So then I drove Jess back to school and read some more of ‘A Matter of Days’ when I got home.

Below are some pictures of the weekend, enjoy.

Jessica explains a few things to Micah.

Mario and Micah do some thinking

Jess and I at dinner ....

Micah and Mario

On the roof of Jessica's Dad's house in Capistrano Beach

Spiral Stairway to the roof.

View at night from Jessica's Dad's house.

Lake Mission Viejo

Jessica is informing me here that the big, nice towel is for her, not for me.

Jessica looking cute as per usual.

Me, with messed up hair.


At September 09, 2004 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for picstures, and happy birthday again, in case you didn't get my IM. :-)


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