November 30, 2004

Missing: 12,000 Canadians

You’ve got to love the AP. First I read this article Monday night …
Canada braces for Bush protests
Monday, November 29, 2004 Posted: 8:19 PM EST

TORONTO, Ontario (AP) -- Organizers expect up to 15,000 activists to march on the Canadian capital Ottawa on Tuesday to protest the policies of U.S. President George W. Bush during his two-day visit to the country.

The spokesman for a coalition of protest groups said he expected 10,000-15,000 protesters, including about 4,000 out-of-towners who have already signed up for buses from as far away as Windsor, near Detroit.

And then this afternoon I read…
Demonstrators greet Bush in Canada
Tuesday, November 30, 2004 Posted: 3:34 PM EST

OTTAWA, Canada (AP) -- Holding up signs calling U.S. President George W. Bush a "war criminal" and "liar," a few thousand demonstrators rallied in the Canadian capital Tuesday to protest his visit, the U.S.-led war in Iraq and a host of other issues.

Organizers said about 5,000 people, many of whom rode buses overnight from across Ontario and Quebec, held a rally at Ottawa's City Hall before a planned march on Canada's Parliament buildings. Police put the figure at between 2,500 to 3,000.

Notice how they organizers “expected” 15,000 and ended up that less then 3,000 actually materialize. However it’s never mentioned in today’s article how organizers were calling for 15,000 people; instead the AP states some poll numbers from 58% of Canadians who surprise, surprise thought Bush’s re-election was a ‘bad thing’ (of course with many Canadians already decidedly anti-Bush … that’s no surprise.)

I’d make a number of comments about this, but the paltry number, and more belligerent nature of these protestors in comparison to the so far peaceful protests of at least 10,000 in the freezing former Soviet state pretty much speaks on its own.

Aside from the craziness in the Ukraine, at least they aren't breaking things, and rushing police. This from the hockey playing 'peace' advocates ... well at least the ones that showed up. Oh, perhaps the Canadians would just like the US to do their protesting for them too, we wouldn't want to burden them with the trouble. What happened to the Canada that was first in line to defend the free world in WWII?


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