January 17, 2005

It took people four, five, 11 hours to vote...

In an article titled "King's legacy celebrated" ...

At a King day breakfast in Boston, Sen. John Kerry made some of his strongest comments since Election Day about problems with voting in some states.

While reiterating that he did not contest the presidential election, Kerry said: "I nevertheless make it clear that thousands of people were suppressed in the effort to vote. Voting machines were distributed in uneven ways. In Democratic districts, it took people four, five, 11 hours to vote, while Republicans (went) through in 10 minutes -- same voting machines, same process, our America."

Okay honestly --- so it takes 10 mins for Republicans to vote, and up to 11 hours for Democrats vote on the "same voting machines, same process" --- what did they have to call up the U.N., world leaders, and Michael Moore to find out who they should vote for?


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