February 28, 2005

Potentially Gay 'Fetuses' Have Rights Too!

In light of my last ... long ... post, this development is fascinating:

Rep. Brian Duprey (R-Hampden) has submitted a bill to the State Legislature to shield potentially homosexual fetuses from discrimination. LD 908, “An Act to Protect Homosexuals from Discrimination,” attempts to protect homosexuals from death because they might carry the gene that could lead to homosexuality. This bill as drafted would make it a crime to abort an unborn child if that child is determined to be carrying the “homosexual gene.”

Duprey said that no such genetic marker has yet been discovered. But considering rapid advancements in genetic mapping research, he wants legislation in place should such a breakthrough occur. “If the homosexual gene is ever determined to exist,” he said, “I want to ensure that a woman could not abort an unborn child simply because that child is determined to be carrying this gene.”

“Most people would agree that to kill someone just because that person might be gay would constitute a hate crime,” said Duprey. “I have heard from women who told me that if they found out that they were carrying a child with the gay gene, then they would abort. I think this is wrong. Those unborn children should be protected.”

I looked up this guy a little bit, and it seems like liberals don’t know what to think of him … but this is beyond ironic, I’m not even sure how to comment on it. Funny thing is the guy said he heard “Rush Limbaugh” mention the possibility that “... [If there comes a] day the ‘gay gene’ is determined to be real, that overnight gays would become pro-life.” (I’m correcting the context to reflect what Limbaugh actually said.)

So you can't abort a baby if might end up “being gay” but you sure can abort one becuase you don't feel like “dealing with it” ... of course, that is, as long as it's straight.


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