April 29, 2005

Craig Gross of XXXChurch at Crave Last Night

Last night Craig Gross of the XXXChurch.com came and spoke at Church. You might have seen them on the News, “Faith Under Fire” or even the Daily Show … interesting guys. Their mission is to … well frankly I’m still not sure. Basically they want to fight (and raise awareness of the problem) of porn. They do this through their website, counseling, speaking engagements, and even going to porn trade shows (where ironically they’ve been allowed to attended --- and promote, well not looking at porn.)

I’ve heard of these guys for a while and never quite been able to make up my mind --- Craig was really nice guy but --- are they acting just like Jesus, eating with the tax collectors and sinners --- or are they just being foolish?

I picked up Craig’s book “The Gutter” (Book's homepage) and started to read it last night. It’s a bit of a change of pace for me, since I rarely read anything of the type --- and usually stick to more ‘scholarly’ works. So far I like it, perhaps I’ll even write a review on it --- either way I’ll get a better idea of what is going on in these guy’s brains. One thing that got me was this line: “The gutter is the place I’m least likely or inclined to go because it is a place where people are not like me; they are not Christians.” Hummm.


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