April 12, 2005

Leave it to the West Virginians

Apparently somehow Congressmen in West Virginia ‘unknowingly’ passed law proclaiming “English shall be the official language of the State of West Virginia.” --- it’s pretty sad that Congressmen would be passing laws without having any idea they did --- the cop out that it was “snuck in” at the last minute into legislation really doesn’t help.

The law is supposed to apply to “way in which documents are produced” for official state purposes --- and frankly what’s the big deal in having these documents in English?
Andrew Schneider, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia, said English-only laws are based on the false premise that immigrants will not learn English without government coercion.

"And English-only laws do nothing constructive to increase English proficiency. They simply discriminate and punish those who have not yet learned English," Schneider said.
No I don’t think the Government should be coercing people into learning English --- but why should the majority language of the Nation be ignored and government coerced into printing for example driving testes in many, many languages --- and show the signs as shapes without the words on them? The words sure are on the signs on the actual road, and when I visit other counties I make sure to understand such signs --- why do we bend over backward to promote laziness?

We should be taking care of those in need, no matter what language they speak (or can speak at all) --- but there are limits to how much the government should have to provide for every little need of the populous.

How is printing the forms in our own tongue ‘discriminating and punishing’ anyone?


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