June 29, 2005

How Stella Gave Her Groove ... Back

So are they going to make a sequel?

Author Terry McMillan has filed for divorce from the man who inspired the 1996 novel "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," which chronicled the romantic adventures of a 40-something woman who falls for a guy half her age. In papers filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court, McMillan, 53, says she decided to end her 6 1/2-year marriage to Jonathan Plummer, 30, after learning he is gay.

Hello? Have you seen any of the movie? I think we all knew he was gay.

The revelation led her to conclude Plummer married only to get his U.S. citizenship, she said. McMillan met Plummer at a Jamaican resort a decade ago. "It was devastating to discover that a relationship I had publicized to the world as life-affirming and built on mutual love was actually based on deceit," she said in court papers. "I was humiliated."

In response, Plummer maintained McMillan treated him with "homophobic" scorn bordering on harassment since he came out to her as gay just before Christmas.

So she's "homophobic" because she reacted with scorn that her husband lied to her ... got married to her most likely being very sure he was gay ... to get his U.S. citizenship? Come on now --- first off "homophobic" would be the fear of homosexuals; it doesn't sound like that was happening it sounds like she was upset, betrayed, and humiliated at being fooled. Who wouldn't be?
...Plummer has asked the court to set aside a prenuptial agreement that would prevent him from getting spousal support.

And there's the kicker, he lies to her, claims she's mistreating him and he should have a pass due to his homosexuality --- not only that he gains U.S. citizenship, and wants thousands of dollars a month in "spousal support."


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