June 01, 2005

Mermaid Baby's Surgery Goes Well

Quite a story from Peru ...
Surgeons successfully separated the fused legs of a bright-eyed baby girl known as Peru's "little mermaid" Wednesday during a nationally televised operation. The girl -- whose name means "miracles" -- was born with her legs fused together from her thighs to her ankles.

Milagros weighs 14.75 pounds (6.69 kilograms) and measures 25 inches (63.5 centimeters) long, about the size of a normal 6-month-old. But her intellectual development has been remarkable, Rubio said hours before the operation, as Milagros smiled, trying to grab a laser light he used to show how her legs were connected by the same sheath of skin.

The surgery was televised live and watched by the child's parents on internal video monitors at the hospital.

The best part? It was a nationally televised operation! Wow.


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