June 01, 2005

Mom Loves Me: This I Know, Hormones Told Her So

Swiss and American scientists say they have successfully manipulated subjects in an experiment to take risks they might not otherwise take by giving them a squirt of the hormone oxytocin to stimulate trusting behavior. Their finding could have beneficial applications in treating mental disorders, but they acknowledge the possibility of abuse.
For years oxytocin was considered to be a straightforward reproductive hormone found in both sexes. Then, elevated concentrations of the hormone also were found in cerebrospinal fluid during and after birth, and experiments showed it was involved in the biochemistry of attachment. It's a sensible conclusion, given that babies require years of care and the body needs to motivate mothers for the demanding task of child rearing.
So basically they are implying here that women love their babies because a hormone that’s released during birth? How preposterous, is that hormone also released when the baby pukes everywhere, has been crying for 4 hours in a row, its 3 AM and you have to be up at 7AM? Somehow I doubt it.

Sure, this just might aid in the 'loving' process ... okay fine, but I also doubt they know half the uses this hormone actually has ...

Reading Suggestion: The Four Loves by C.S.Lewis --- this explains it better then any case study of hormonal interaction.


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