August 10, 2005

Confusing Ideas of Multiculturalism

An interesting aricle on the BCC today …

The majority of British people think multiculturalism makes the country a better place, a BBC poll suggests.

This poll no doubt is in response to the decrying of multiculturalism in Britain, given that the 7/7 bombers were UK citizens. The idea is that multiculturalism doesn’t work, especially in the British sense where isolated communities of Muslims for example are far from the general values and morals of Britain as a whole. This results in situations were British citizens (who happen to be Muslim) end up bombing British citizens. However according to this poll the majority of the britsh public belive multiculturalism is good for Britian.

But what is more telling is this second question asked.

Apparently the majority of the British public believe multiculturalism is a good for Britain, yet believe immigrants should adopt British values and traditions. That ladies and gentlemen isn’t true multiculturalism --- true multiculturalism would not have immigrants adopting British values and traditions at all, but keeping their own. Such is currently the case. So really it seems that the majority of the British public doesn’t want multiculturalism, but something else where people are free to come from different cultures but expected to adopt the general cultural attitudes and values of Britain. This is far closer to assimilation then multiculturalism.

Frankly I have no problem making the judgment that one aspect of a culture is superior to another, especially when it comes to things like the indiscriminate terrorist bombings of innocent civilians that were doing nothing more but riding to work.

It would also be interesting to see these numbers adjusted to account for Muslims --- i.e. see “general public” --- “Muslim” --- “non-Muslim” --- I think these numbers might be artificially inflated with Muslim response and it would be interesting to see them without that inflation.


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