September 26, 2005

Bill Gates’ Own Voucher Program?

Bill Gates is giving a multi-million dollar gift to his old school, well that’s swell of him --- what is more interesting is that the school is private, and gates donation will setup scholarships for poorer children to attend.

Seems to me this is very much like a voucher program, and Gates is giving children whose families could not normally afford this private school. Cleary however, Gates is saying that this private school is better then the public ones, and so much so that he wants others to be able to attend how might otherwise not be able to. Interesting.
Lakeside School is receiving $40m (£22.5m) from the charitable foundation of Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder, who left the school in 1973.

The money will fund scholarships to help poorer children attend the fee-paying school.

Mr Gates began his interest in computers while at the school.


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