September 22, 2005

Leave it to the Netherlands...

So it's down to Martha's Apprentice or this? I'll stick to Law & Order for my TV watching ...

A field reporter for a new Dutch television talk show plans to use heroin and other illegal drugs on the air during the weekly program on issues that concern young people, producers said Wednesday.

The announcement of "Shoot Up and Swallow," scheduled to premiere as a late-night show Oct. 10, sparked an outcry. Even in the liberal Netherlands, where marijuana is sold and used openly, the proposed drug use by reporter Filemon Wesselink is illegal.


For one episode, Wesselink, 26, plans to smoke heroin, said Ingrid Timmer, spokeswoman for the show's producer, BNN. For others, he plans to go on a drinking binge in a series of pubs and to take the hallucinogenic drug LSD on his couch under the supervision of his mother.

"It's not our intention to create an outcry. We just want to talk about subjects that are part of young people's lives," Timmer said.

Didn't your mom ever tell you that you didn't have to try to touch the burner on the stove ... to know it's hot and it will burn you. Do you really need to do drugs to talk about it being a part of 'young people's lives'?


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