September 21, 2005

Mega-Church England?

I'm gonna have to look into this a little more...
A futuristic church capable of seating up to 2,000 people is to be built in West Yorkshire.

The Huddersfield Christian Fellowship has been granted planning permission for the religious complex on St Thomas Road in Huddersfield.
More intersting was this tid bit.
Despite a national trend of declining church attendances, Pastor Colin Cooper said his congregation had continued to grow, leaving only a few free seats at the weekly Sunday service.

"After only six years, we all agreed that new and bigger premises were necessary," he said.

"Because we work into the surrounding area - providing food parcels for the poor, working with young people and the elderly and putting on seminars for married couples - it was decided that a purpose-built church would be best suited to meet the many needs of a growing community."

Well that's wonderful, the UK needs a growing church --- however seems to me that if this church has grown so much in six years, starting a building next year that may take a few years to build might not be the best idea.

Saddleback Church (we’re at about 20,000 or more attendance) met for years in high schools, tents, etc. We just add more services to accommodate more people. Seems a little silly to box in such a fast growing church, into any size building --- that said, I sure wonder what it will end up being like.

On a side note, I've never heard the expression "purpose-built church" however, I can only hope they are purpose driven! Ha.


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