September 27, 2005

PF Rebuts Washington Post Book Review

There has been some unfair treatment of one of my favortite organizaions by the Washington Post, and they have yet to correct their errors. Here is a letter from the President of Prision Fellowship Mark Earley:
David Greenberg’s review (“Tricky Chuck,” September 4, 2005) of Jonathan Aitken’s biography of Chuck Colson contains a serious error that the Post should correct.

Mr. Greenberg incorrectly asserts that Aitken’s book “mentions that grants from Bush’s faith-based initiative now fill Colson’s coffers.” First, Aitken’s book says no such thing. Second, as president of Prison Fellowship, I am intimately aware of the ministry’s finances and can say that neither Prison Fellowship nor Chuck Colson have ever received federal funds of any kind.

This is a particularly egregious charge in light of the fact that for 30 years, Chuck Colson has contributed all of his book royalties, speaking fees, and even the $1 million Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion to the ministry of Prison Fellowship. One of the reasons he does this is so no one could question his commitment to Christ.

Clearly Mr. Greenberg has issues with Mr. Colson and the ministry of Prison Fellowship. But to say that Mr. Colson is “cashing in” is false and unfair.

Full Letter | Breakpoint Article | Weekly Standard


At October 02, 2005 5:24 PM, Blogger believerthinker said...

The Post has finally run Earley's letter--and a lame "explaination" by David Greenberg. See my post at for more.


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