October 17, 2005

Headline Fun ...

Alight here's the headline ...

Bush's job rating continues to drop

President Bush's job approval rating continues to plummet, with 39 percent of Americans surveyed in the latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll supporting his performance, compared to 58 percent expressing disapproval.

The approval rating was lowest the poll has recorded during Bush's presidency, down from 45 percent in a survey taken September 26-28, and the disapproval rating was up from 50 percent.

Now notice "continues to drop" this implies the last time his approval was polled it was also "dropping" but it wasn't --- the last poll had Bush up in approval since last polled. later on in the article that's somewhat pointed out --- all be it not directly.

The rating in the September 26-28 poll was an uptick that reflected the public's generally favorable view of the way Bush handled Hurricane Rita.

But honestly, who cares about the poll this week, or next week --- its the long term picture that should be kept in mind, and the American public changes it mind quickly, and often reacts in a silly way. I doubt the administration cares all that much however, nor should they --- Clinton's numbers weren't all that high either if you remember.

Of course, his less then amazing Supreme Court pick isn't helping.


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