October 18, 2005

Saddleback Church College Ministry Podcast

I've been slowly but surely getting permission, prototyping and then launching a Sermon Archive and Podcast system for Crave (Saddleback Church's College Ministry.)

You can download Sermons each week going back to August, for free (no annoying registration) or you can subscribe to the Podcast feed.

I was hesitant of posting it here, since many of you reading aren't in our general area, and so you wouldn't be coming to Crave anyhow --- but then Purpose Driven Youth site went and decided to link to it off their main page (however the image is kinda lame) --- so what the heck.

Soon, we might be running a few Podcasts at once: Sermons, devotions, and general fun stuff --- stay (i)tuned.

Here are the goods.


At October 18, 2005 8:29 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

We must solve the mystery of who decided to put it on the PD youth website.

My theory:
You -> Bill -> Matt -> Our Mystery Person


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