December 20, 2005

Discovery Channel Christmas Eve Event

On Christmas Eve Discovery Channel will air a number of specials on Jesus. If you’ve got nothing better to do --- why not plop yourself in front of the TV for bit? There is one that looks quite intesting, a three part series on the miracles of Jesus hosted by a 'Christian illusionist.'

Miracles of Jesus (Three Part Series)
Christian illusionist Brock Gill journeys to the Holy Land to investigate the miracles of Jesus - did he use hypnosis, magic tricks, or were they real miracles? Using drama, CGI and time-slice we will recreate the miracles of Jesus.

The Mission
Learn how Jesus carried out his ministry as a healer and exorcist and how his taste for parties with undesirable guests became an attack on religious authorities. Follow him to Jerusalem and see how dangerous it was for him during the Passover Festival.

The Early Years
Explore the strange fables that surround Jesus' birth. Follow the childhood and early adult years of Jesus using a first century living museum newly opened in Nazareth. Find out why Jesus began his mission and why he chose to live his life the way

The Last Days
Look at the last days of Jesus' life: the Last Supper; the Mount of Olives where he prayed and sweat blood; and the trial where he is condemned for blasphemy. Explore what may have accounted for his resurrection and find out what he may have looked like.

King Herod: Madman or Murderer?
Herod's role in the birth of Jesus is fleeting. In a fit of anger over the purported birth of the "King of the Jews," texts say that he ordered the slaughter of all boys in Bethlehem who were two years old and younger. Scholars examine recent evidence.

The Real Mary Magdalene
As a reformed prostitute, Mary Magdalene has become an icon for the virtues of forgiveness. Experts peel away the layers of mistaken identity and explore the role of women in Mary's lifetime to show that she may not have been a prostitute at all.


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