December 20, 2005

Hugh Ross on the Christmas Star

Astronomer (and all around smart guy) Hugh Ross wrote a little piece about the “Christmas Star” a while back. I’ve read it before but for those of you that haven’t had the chance --- check it out. It’s pretty short and “understandable” to the layman.

Of course Hugh is coming from the school of thought that the story isn’t a fairy tale, unlike Lüdemann.

For centuries scholars and laymen alike have speculated on the nature of the star that led the wise men from the east to seek out the Messiah that had come to the Jews. The only reliable account of this event is found in Matthew 2 of the Bible. Three controversial questions arise out of a study of this text:

1. Were the wise men led by astrology?
2. What was the Christmas star?
3. How did the star guide the wise men to the place where the child was?


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