December 08, 2005

Isaiah 's Reborn: Maybe I'll Get an Anwser

Since I know nothing about Hebrew, aside from “day” doesn't have to mean 24 hours. I wrote to the TNIV folks asking for more info on their translation of a portion of Isaiah 26 that I blogged about earlier.

They got back to me fairly quickly, I was impressed. Here's the initial response:

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

Thank you for contacting International Bible Society regarding a passage in Isaiah 26. The TNIV is indeed unique in translating the pertinent Hebrew word as “reborn”, with a footnote “Or: have not fallen”. Actually, the KJV and RSV have “fallen” in the text itself, while NEB, Jerusalem Bible, NASB and NLT have “born” and the NIV has “given birth” The difference comes from the ambiguity of the Hebrew term.

Since I do not know what impelled the TNIV team to opt for “reborn”, I’ll have to ask a prominent Old Testament scholar. If he provides additional information, I’ll write you again.

Sincerely, [Name Withheld], Translation Consultant, International Bible Society

Hopefully I'll get a further rejoinder.


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