December 02, 2005

No More Hal Lindsey? Say It Ain't So!

Sadly (mostly because it was great entertainment for me --- I don’t actually believe it!) Hal Lindsey’s program “International Intelligence Briefing” has apparently been suspended by its network TBN. In case you’ve never seen this program Hal Lindsey who is somewhat of a … how to say this nicely … a Prophetic Crackpot … discusses current news and events in relation to Biblical Prophecy.

He is very much convinced we are living in the End Times, and that “we are that Generation of the End Times.” He basically links every news event he can to “prophecies” which he has apparently been privileged to understand fully.

He wrote a letter on his website explaining his cancellation, and I’ve selected a few gems. Amazingly Lindsey was apparently divinely informed that this turn of events would come pass!

“While on my recent thrilling tour to Israel, I received a distinct warning from the Lord. This warning came at just the time the Lord was making me fully aware of the exponential increase in outreach my International Intelligence Briefing program on TBN has experienced in just this year.”

He also talks about receiving e-mails from around the world that …

“… many of their friends came to faith in Christ as a result of watching it. Several shared how they gather a group each week in their homes to watch the IIB program. Two different missionaries in Kenya said that they did this. Both reported that a number of young people have accepted Christ in these sessions.”

He continues to talk about how he runs in to people all the time that tell him how great it is that he’s willing to report the things he does, since the “media” refuses to.

“It was in this light that God prompted me while in Jerusalem that Satan was going to attack my IIB ministry and me personally. I shared this with my wife and related my past experiences with Satan’s attacks at just the time God has used me most. So we prepared for spiritual warfare.”

He continues …

“This warning proved to be accurate immediately after my return to the US. The International Intelligence Briefing has been removed from the air on TBN for the entire month of December (and perhaps never to be broadcast again?). Some at the network apparently feel that my message is too pro-Israel and too anti-Muslim. This is confusing to me because my message is the same as it has been for the entire twelve years of presenting the IIB program. It has not changed one iota.”

His show is very anti-Muslim, and I’m no fan of Islam but it makes me uncomfortable at times. He is pretty explicit in this video on his own site and even states “all of our enemies have something in common: Islam.”

If his show is canceled he asks: “if we don’t tell the world the truth, then who will?” He then goes on to put himself in the same vein and situation as Marin Luther!

“It is for this reason I have so adamantly continued to explain prophecy and expose current Muslim schemes to destroy the nation of Israel. With Martin Luther, I feel compelled to say that it is here I stand. God help me, I cannot do otherwise than to fulfill His Divine calling.”

The last bit in this quote I’m not quite sure I get --- is he saying we should give up on Muslims, that they wouldn’t believe the Gospel even if we told them?

“The Muslims who reject God’s sovereign purposes with Israel wouldn’t believe the Gospel anyway.”

He then goes on to say he’s not really all that mad at TBN however … and prophesies that:

“I honestly believe there are few organizations in operation today that can play as great a role in the end-time harvest as TBN. I truly believe TBN’s greatest days could be yet to come.”

Well I was almost as entertained by that as his show!


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