December 19, 2005

Quick Bit of Shopping

I just stopped by the local Christian bookstore to take a look around before I leave for Virginia on Thursday. Even though I plan to leave most of my Christmas shopping until the 23rd (and hence I don’t have to pack many gifts) I picked up a few things (mostly for me) anyhow.

Handel’s Messiah 2 CD Set

What’s a music collection without this gem? And it was on sale too.

Tooth & Nail “Happy Christmas” Vol. 4

Some of my favorite artists: Switchfoot, Emery, Anberlin, Mae, Number One Gun all singing Christmas songs!

The Message Remix

I got two copies of this for my young siblings --- hopefully this will inspire them to crack open a bible (well its sort of the bible) more often. I am betting they won't read this blog before Christmas. I wonder what my parents will think of me getting them the Message --- I’m not sure how well it’s accepted at church back home. I doubt they’ll care.

The Barbarian Way

Even though I pre-reviewed this ages ago, I plan to read it on the plane since it’s fairly short. I used to be in the Pasadena area pretty often and got to check out a sermon every so often from Erwin at Mosaic but lately I’ve had to settle with their podcast.


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