December 19, 2005

"Ridiculous Attacks On CHRISTmas!!!!" Ugh.

I was forwarded this story in an e-mail at work this morning. Here are some juicy tidbits:

The conservative group Concerned Women for American issued a "naughty and nice" list, ranking more than 40 retailers in their use of "Christmas." Macy's, Dillard's, Sears and Hobby Lobby made the "nice" list, while Kmart, Home Depot, Kohl's and Old Navy made the "naughty" list. Wal-Mart, Lowe's and Target were on the "somewhat nice, somewhat naughty list." (The entire list can be viewed online at
Wow, naughty and nice list, uhm yeah I don’t even know what to say.

Mike Johnson, an attorney with the conservative legal group Alliance Defense Fund, said consumers can affect change at stores without the help of a lawyer.
No way, a lawyer insists that you don't need a lawyer to affect change? Wow.

"It's political correctness run amok, and in some of these situations it's really a political remedy more than a legal one," he told Baptist Press. "... We take our consumer dollars elsewhere, and that's how we solve those problems.... When people are willing to stand up against these ridiculous attacks, they can affect sometimes immediate change."
Wait, so who's mounting the ridiculous attacks again?

Mathew Staver, president of the conservative legal group Liberty Counsel, said he has seen more people take a stand for Christmas this year than in past years. Liberty Counsel, he said, was contacted by one Wal-Mart customer who planned on returning roughly $1,000 in purchases after hearing a cashier tell someone in line, "I can't greet you back with 'Merry Christmas' because I've been told I would be fired."

"A year ago people wouldn't have stood up like that, but this year they are," Staver said.

Ugh. Is it phrase silly? Yes, but really who cares that much? I also doubt they actually will return their $1,000 in purchases.

Get over it people! Why don’t you just say Merry Christmas, and try to help others to have one --- instead of getting all pissed off they don’t respond with the exact phrase you prefer.


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