January 20, 2006

Hidden Things That You Have Not Known

I couldn’t remember when Darwin published his landmark book “On the Origin of Species...”so I looked it up on Wiki. I read a little more into the article and noticed this interesting section.

Charles Darwin came from a Nonconformist background. Though several members of his family were Freethinkers, openly lacking conventional religious beliefs, he did not initially doubt the literal truth of the Bible. He attended a Church of England school, then at Cambridge studied Anglican theology to become a clergyman and was fully convinced by William Paley's teleological argument that design in nature proved the existence of God.

However, his beliefs began to shift during his time on board HMS Beagle. He questioned what he saw—wondering, for example, at beautiful deep-ocean creatures created where no one could see them, and shuddering at the sight of a wasp paralyzing caterpillars as live food for its eggs; he saw the latter as contradicting Paley's vision of beneficent design. While on the Beagle Darwin was quite orthodox and would quote the Bible as an authority on morality, but had come to see the history in the Old Testament as being false and untrustworthy.

I already knew a lot of that about Darwin, but what interested me there was that Darwin couldn’t figure out why a Designer of sorts would create ‘beautiful deep-ocean creatures’ where ‘no one could see them.’ This apparently wouldn’t make sense --- why would God create things (for humans to see and enjoy) where no one could see them?

Seems to me there is a very fundamental flaw in this logic, and I’ve heard it used by others in the past as well. First off, clearly someone has seen these creatures or else we wouldn’t know about them. So when someone sees them is not so much the issue, which leads me to my second point. The mere fact that we know about such creatures drives our imagination and ingenuity, our creativity --- and this is exactly what God had planned.

No matter if you accept Intelligent Design, or Evolution if you believe in the Christian God then you must conclude Creation is purposeful --- that God knows and shaped His Creation.

“You have heard; now see all this; and will you not declare it? From this time forth I announce to you new things, hidden things that you have not known.”

Isaiah 48:6

There are many mysteries still out there, new species, new planets, new stars, and new advances in knowledge --- there is so much out there God wants us to see and learn. Now that we have submarines that can travel deep below the sea we’re beginning to encounter the deep-sea creatures Darwin was so perplexed about, someone is seeing them and enjoying them. And there are many, many new things for us to enjoy ...

“Oh sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things!”

Psalm 98:1


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