February 05, 2006

More on the Mohammed Cartoon Fiasco

Melinda over at STR makes a good point ...

I still question the judgment of the editors for publishing the cartoons it seems in an effort to offend Muslims ..

Indeed, the initial publishing seems to have been to ‘make a statement’ which wasn’t really necessary --- however the response is morally reprehensible.

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Thousands of protesters packed the streets of Beirut on Sunday, some clashing with security forces and setting the Danish Consulate on fire in anger over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

The protests soon escalated into fights between Muslims and Christians, and some protesters threw rocks at a Maronite Catholic church, bringing back memories of the civil war that once gripped the capital.

The violence came one day after protesters in neighboring Damascus, Syria, torched the Norwegian Embassy and the Danish Embassy, furious that newspapers in both nations had published images banned under Islamic law.

In other news, Chris Heard has reconsidered his stance on the whole ‘Mohammed’ cartoon fiasco. He ends with this ...

It irks me to no end when uninformed individuals take some phenomenon from within one slice of Christendom and inaccurately generalize that phenomenon to all of Christianity. I would hate for anyone to judge my beliefs by the statements of Pat Robertson or Al Mohler. Yet here I stand self-convicted of the same thing: treating a genuine tradition within Islam as if it characterized all of Islam, which I now understand it doesn't. Mea culpa

Chris, I couldn’t agree more --- I still like my own cartoon however.


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