March 28, 2006

Every Issue is Differant, Even When They Are The Same.

This is the pinnacle of political relativism and compartmentalization.
As Sen. Russ Feingold urges the Senate to censure President Bush, the alleged misdeed that moved the Wisconsin Democrat to propose censure continues ....

Feingold had to leave early from Tuesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing ... he had an appointment at the White House to meet with the man he wants to censure. Just back from Iraq, Feingold was part of a group of senators who went to discuss their findings with President Bush.

Would this meeting be awkward?

“No,” Feingold said as he hustled down a Senate hallway on his way to the White House. “The president and I and others who’ve been involved in government for a while know that each issue is different. And we have an obligation to each other and the country to treat each issue differently.”

(Note: I edited out the unduly biased reporting with “...”)

Essentially Feingold is saying that under his view President Bush illegally conducted wire taps and in fact it’s so severe a breach of presidential authority a censure is required. Yet, that doesn’t have any bearing on other issues, and even on issues that directly deal with the war on terror?

Ridiculous, either Feingold is over-exaggerating the need to censure Bush, he is outright lying, or he is very confused. Was the wire-tapping really that big of a deal? Well then it should have eminence impact on one’s opinion of Bush’s judgment, and it should have a major impact on other matters relating to the ‘war on terror.’


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