March 15, 2006

I Want My SoBe Lean

A random aside, I’ve been drinking and liking for a while now a drink made by SoBe called “SoBe LEAN Energy” it’s a citrus-like drink (the golden coloured one to the right) with about 12 calories per 20 oz and no sugar. It’s wonderful, and I drink a lot of them ...

However, as of late I have been finding it increasingly harder to obtain bottles --- I went to three stores in the last two days and every one there was a gapping hole were this drink should be in the drink section of the store. There were plenty of the other SoBe flavors --- but I could only find one bottle out of the stock of all those stores. I asked an attendant and he said they can’t keep it stocked, it flies off the shelves.

So I’m rather bitter, it’s a bit like a band/song you really like that gets picked up on the radio and suddenly their concerts are sold out and everyone else thinks they ‘heard of them first.’

Well for the record I found about this drink first, and I want SoBe to send me a case for the free advertisement!


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