March 30, 2006

Prayer Equals Higher Rate of Complications?

According to one study, perhaps you should stop praying for people that are having heart bypass surgery! Note, see a previous post.
Power of prayer flunks an unusual test
Large study had Christians pray for heart-surgery patients

NEW YORK - In the largest study of its kind, researchers found that having people pray for heart bypass surgery patients had no effect on their recovery. In fact, patients who knew they were being prayed for had a slightly higher rate of complications.

Researchers emphasized that their work can't address whether God exists or answers prayers made on another's behalf. The study can only look for an effect from prayers offered as part of the research, they said.

They also said they had no explanation for the higher complication rate in patients who knew they were being prayed for, in comparison to patients who only knew it was possible prayers were being said for them.


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