April 03, 2006

Border's to Sell Sony's New eBook Reader

This summer Border’s bookstores will begin selling the Sony ‘Reader’ --- an eBook Reader the size of a paperback book.

The gadget, which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, evokes the visual stability of something printed on overlay. It resembles actual paper and ink, with little flickering.

The high-resolution (SVGA 800x600) electronic-paper display screen supports BBeB Book, PDF and MP3 formats and can also display JPEG images.

The device measures 6.9 inches by 4.9 inches by 0.5 inches and weighs in at just more than half a pound.

In an interesting technical feat the battery life is apparently quite long “equivalent of 7,500 pages turns.” Why is it measured in page turns? Because “there is no rundown on the battery over time. Power is only consumed when a reader turns the page.” So I suppose it works much like a digital clock.

Of particular interest to the blogdom:

“In addition to eBooks, Connect.com will also offer content from blogs, news feeds and online magazines for use with the Sony Reader.”

However, that leads to a good point:

“Consumers will, however, have to be convinced of the gadget's ease on the eyes, as people tired of focusing on a computer screen all day may not be so willing to read another type of screen in their free time.”

The reader will, believe it or not, have an optional cover to “mimic” the cover and spine of an actual book. They will apparently range in price from 299$ to 399$.

I found it funny that sony’s website for the product shows the reader displaying The D* V***i C**e! Oh how I wish it were The Resurrection of the Son of God instead.


At April 04, 2006 4:06 AM, Blogger R. Mansfield said...

Is it just me, or does this device resemble the old Apple Newton--except you can't write on it?



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