April 06, 2006

People are Hungry for [Wrong] Information

NPR had a short segment on the increased interest in religion, specifically the history of Christianity driven by the success of the Da Vinci Code. They talked about the book, counter-books, related history and items like the Gospel of Judas (for which I’d recommend you read Rick Mansfield’s comments --- suffice to say ‘hello it was written 300 years later!’) The host asks about the upcoming National Geographic Channel special and says:

“… producer James Barret says the timing is coincidental but he’s happy to ride the wave of interest.”

Now does anyone really buy that? I mean, come on everyone has known for a while the movie was coming out when it is --- you don’t think anyone at the National Geographic Channel thought about correlating the two? Please! The producer followed up with:

“… the New Testament is really pretty short and the whole sum of what we know about Jesus Christ, really the founder of one of the world’s largest faiths, the sum total of what we know is not that great. People are hungry for information.”

First off, I think Christianity is the largest faith? Second, the “lack” of information shouldn’t cause us to start believing fiction and Gnostic Christian cult’s remaking of events. There are lots of books written by very fine scholars, or more accessible works like The Case for Christ, there is no need to fill this “hole” with rubbish! We do know quite a great deal about Jesus, in fact we know enough to point out how ridiculous those Gnostic Gospels and conspiracy books are.

I do have to say the Gospel of Judas site is quite nice, I wish such a nice site were made for real Christian documents of antiquity.


At April 07, 2006 2:48 PM, Blogger RC said...

I think it's so true that people are increasingly interested in religious topics...but at the same time I don't think people are looking for information that'll change their life...but it's as though Christianity is becoming a Hobby for study or water cooler conversation.

It's sad.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com


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